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The skin with skin unified instead of leather, high ratio of PU leather


With leather is the manufacturer in order to reduce costs, while the use of cowhide scrap smash added polyethylene material are bonded together again, and then the surface chemical materials sprayed or covered with PVC, PU film processing. It maintained a certain natural elasticity and plasticity characteristics of technology, but the strength is poor, and there will be lines, and the main skin color error, resulting in poor visual drawbacks.

The common will to use with leather sofas, car seats, etc., the manufacturer will be using the traditional PU leather, PVC, etc. with the skin to reduce costs, but many businesses, end users do not know what will be ignored, in fact, those with the skin can cause symmetrical lines, different colors, focusing on quality is also greatly reduced, thereby reducing the life of these drawbacks.

It is the view of these various factors, the need to stimulate the sense of innovation to solve this problem, it is so, yet Ang Technology Co., Ltd. was established good brand Geshi zero solvent-function PU leather born, so that the main leather with leather Unity , unified color lines, enhanced visual effects while excellent physical and chemical properties reflect, but at the same time replace the leather and the price advantage, so the cost is far beyond the natural leather, other traditional PU leather.

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