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The second leather start from zero solvent-based PU synthetic leather


People call nature leather as leather is a common habit in the leather market, which is distinguished from synthetic leather.

Since the early 20th century, by the 1960s the development of synthetic leather, 90 years after entering the world of synthetic leather industry is entering the stage of vigorous development. Synthetic leather has largely replaced nature leather which is lack of rescores, and it has been applicated widely. After opening and reform, all levels governments is very important to their synthetic leather industry. Although China has become the synthetic leather production and consumption country, but after all, the product is still in the low end at present. Shine-An faces the difficulty, breaking through all the technical difficulties, after repeated tests, finally achieved successful trial production in 2010.

Pure PU liquid polyol by modifying the access of different types of material systems, so that the production process of a new breakthrough in space technology, products, and has developed a corporate standard, and passed ROSET two EU REACH certification testing. Now Shine-An technology not only to achieve a breakthrough in the synthesis, the product forming process has also made a major breakthrough, zero-solvent-based PU synthetic leather, leather has become the second - green leather.


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