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Jogreesy PU leather with flame retardant advantage


Flame retardant means difficult to burn, it means that it would not burn under the poor combustion conditions, it will not give yourself added a vicious cycle combustion conditions, Or you will call fire extinguishing agent is not flame retardant. Excellent PU leather flame retardant should satisfy following points:

First, thermal properties of flame retardant for leather materials: decomposition temperature of the flame retardant should be slightly smaller than the decomposition temperature of leather in order to ensure its flame retardant effect.


Second, high efficiency flame retardant: In order to reduce the amount of flame retardant, try to keep the leather handle and physical and mechanical properties, so good leather flame retardant requirements of effective flame retardant composition content is higher as far as possible. On one hand, notice the many kinds of flame retardant synergistic flame retardant effect, the most big limit to strengthen the flame retardant efficiency of flame retardant.

Third, It is easy to combined with PU leather: We hope it has a certain resistance to washing dry cleaning performance, the best itself has some active group, can be in leather fiber combination to wash out easily. Of poor compatibility with leather flame retardant used in leather manufacture and process easy leakage, affect the durability of flame retardant and other performance.

Fourth, non-toxic: in order to ensure the flame retardant in the production, application and safety in the process of leather products in use in the process of, flame retardant is non-toxic harmless, best for eye skin, burning decomposition product less toxic.

Fifth, low product cost: for costing, not only consider the price of flame retardant, but also more comprehensive inspection for the flame retardant efficiency and share in the leather making the total cost.

Shine-An technology ltd co., manufacture Jogreesy zero solvent PU leather with flame retardant advantage, so it is safe for us to use zero solvent PU leather in every area. Such as car interior covers, soft case, and home upholstery and so on.

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