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Hengda Real Estate Group visiting


Purchasing Manager and some staff from Hengda Real Estate Group visited Foshan Gaoming Shine-An technology Co., ltd on 29th April 2016. They went to  our selling center, Production plant and " solventless" experience store.
Purchasing Manager said that they found Shine-An on this website www.jgssa.com. Through the website, they learned about our new product, Zero-solvent PU leather is excellent, and is very different from traditional PU leather. Zero-solvent PU leather attracted their eyes because “5-zero”, zero-solvent, zero-plasticiser, zero-emission, zero-peculiar odor, zero-heavy metal. So they decided to visit Shine-An to learn more about our product, Zero-solvent PU leather.

After they made this on-the-spot investigation, they were satisfied with our new product, eco-friendly zero-solvent PU leather. Purchasing Manager said that they hope they would make a further cooperation with Shine-An technology Co., ltd in the future.

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