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China Plastics Association visited the new Jogreesy


After the Shine-An technology extension success, it has attracted many people. So, ChinaPlastics Association China plastic association to visit the company guidance to work.  

Through learning about the knowledge of Zero-solvent PU leather product and production line, he knew that there is no pollution during producing PU leather. Through the port of green and eco-friendly and people pay more and more attention to health and the environment. therefore, China Plastics Association think New Jogreesy is one of great potential and development company, moreover Zero-solvent PU leather is competitive in the market at home and abroad. He gave high evaluate of New Jogreesy and our product Zero-solvent PU leather. He said he would support promotional products, and give support  when the company needs to help.

New Jogreesy research and development new production technology, producing green PU leather. China Plastics Association hopes Zero-solvent PU leather would replace traditional PU leather and PVC, usher in a new era of health of the leather.Secretary general of the China association of plastic will be the coalition government to SHINE - AN upgraded to the first synthetic zero-solvent PU leather cleaner production base in China

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