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What is VOC & FOG?


What is VOC & FOG?

Zero solvent PU leather help you avoid from harmful materials.

The words VOC and FOG are very familiar to vehicle manufacturers and synthetic leather producers. But to consumers, we merely know nothing about these harmful materials and are being hurt unconsciously.

VOC is short from volatile organic compounds. According to WHO, VOC is defined as various organic compounds with boiling point ranging from 50℃ to 260℃under normal pressure. We further divide VOC into several category named alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes, halohydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes and others. Toluene, xylene, styrene, trichlorethylene, chloroform, trichloroethane, diisocyanate (TDI), toluene diisocyanate ester may be the most comment VOC material to us.

When the air contains VOC, it can easily cause headache, dizziness, cough, nausea, vomiting. If the VOC is too high, victim may get liver poisoned and life-threatening.

FOG is recognized as tiny liquid particles suspending in the air which formed by vapor condensed or liquid atomized or other chemical reaction. For example, water fog, acid mist or something whose grain diameter less than 100μm.

For the purpose of providing more choices to consumers, zero solvent PU leather comes into life which in the course of products, no solvents like DMF, toluene, no plasticizer, no heavy metal is needed. Thus it is absolutely eco and healthy, no peculiar smell and suitable for customers who pursue a healthy life with high quality. 

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