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What is DMF?


DMF Chinese name called Dimetthyl fumarate, DMF is mainly used in the production of leather shoes and textiles storage transportation process of sterilization and mouldproof, food grain and vegetable feed and tobacco mildew and preservation ect. In addition, some factories will spray DMF on the product or packaging for sterilization and midew, and then exported to the EU countries.

However, since May 1, 2009 the EU countries are listed separately as more stringent regulations. EU member states must ensure that bans dimethyl fumarate products on  the market; to already exist in the market of products containing DMF must withdraw from the market, and recall from consumers, consumers must learn that the risk of the product.

Because the DMF vapor can cause eye light moderate irritation of the upper respiratory tract, and prone to allergy after contact with skin can cause skin diseases such as eczerna and burns.

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