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What aspects can be used to Jogreesy green car interior PU leather?


For many problems of environmental performance and pollution emissions, At present, some new models of domestic and international brands have begun to use PU leather, physical properties and chemical properties and tend to be relatively remarkable PU leather, improve the grade and quality of automobile interior trim leather, and environmental protection requirements for car interior.

So for solvent free PU leather, automotive interior environmental protection zero after all how use? Yet as the national leading zero solvent Jogreesy brand environmental protection of PU leather interior PU leather used in the car.

Jogreesy brand green interior PU leather with pure PU concentrate polyols by modified access different types of material system, make the production process has the new breakthrough in space. First, the hydrolysis resistance is excellent; Second, abrasion scrape resistance; third, high tear strength; fourth, the flame retardant performance is strong; fifth, volatile organic compounds (VOC) content is almost zero.

Zero solvent PU leather has gradually for car manufacturers, automotive interior is accepted and popular, very broad development prospects. Environmental protection and good Jogreesy car interior leather is a wide range, it can be applied to all aspects of car upholstery, car seats, car dashboard, steering wheel, car mats, file handles.

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