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What PU leather does not contain phthalates?


Phthalate PVC materials are mainly used to make polyvinyl chloride from a hard plastic into a flexible plastic, acts as a plasticizer. , It is widely used in leather, toys, food packaging materials, such as hundreds of products, but there are serious human health hazards. So what kinds of PU leather is a phthalate-free it?


However, where phthalates leather, expensive technology is still learn to refuse, determined not to use the production of zero-solvent-function PU leather, absolutely free of harmful substances more than 16P, and general promotion of good Jogreesy brand , Su Wenli Andean experience Pavilion experience covering garment industry, home improvement, cars, airplanes, beauty equipment, shoes, bags, etc., and end-users has reached 120 million people.

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