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Experience Store ”Solventless” will hold furniture exhibition

Experience Store “Solventless” cooperate with Xin Meng Yuan Furniture Co., Ltd. and they will hold furniture exhibition together on August 12, 2016. So that Shine-An technology Co., Ltd. can promote our unique product: Zero-solvent PU synthetic leather.

Xin Meng Yuan to a mattress core products, the rapid occupation of the national market, the sofa, soft beds, mattresses, bedding home all-round development, the creation of distributor, the store! Warm dream happy match, Xin Meng Yuan, Hong Kong registered trademarks, "Chinese famous brand", "China's outstanding green products" Xin Meng Yuan furniture Co., the core brand!

Xin Meng Yuan use Zero-solvent PU leather which produced by Shine-An for their furniture. Due to Xin Meng Yuan think Zero-solvent PU leather has high quality, it’s eco-friendly , no heavy metal, low VOC, DMF free. Through using PU synthetic leather for the furniture, Xin Meng Yuan would improve the quality and taste of their furniture, also they will occupy more market at home and abroad. There out , the unique Zero-solvent PU leather can be used for more field.

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