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Basic Information Of Zero Solvent PU Teather


1.what is zero-solvent PU leather?

   As we know, traditional production process of synthetic leather brings pollution to the environment and do harm to both workers and consumers. It is mainly due to that traditional products needs harmful solvent to finish production. However, our new technologies allow us use no harmful solvents to produce our products. Besides, in order to distinguish our products from other solvent free leather goods, we call our product zero-solvent PU leather.

2.Our breakthroughs

  •   First, we got 49 patents on this technology and 25 of them are invention patents.

  •   Second, in the aspect of environment, our technology could save more than 83% of energies when compared with the traditional process. It allows us use no harmful solvent where creates a far better work environment to the workers and provides better products to customers. Thus, we obtained REACH 161 certificate and ROHS, VOC test, etc.

  •   Third, in terms of production equipment, we developed new equipment whose length of production line is 55 to 80 meters to produce our products which save much space while compared to the traditional one whose length ranges from 200 to 400 meters.

  •   Fourth, instead of using glue to fulfil adhesion between base and PU layers, our new production process allows PU layer to stick to the base directly which make the finished products have greater physical performance, like strong peeling strength, soft, no crease,etc. 

3.Range of use

    Car seats, sofa, garment, jacket, bags, shoes, home decoration, etc

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